Information on Gozo, Malta’s sister island.

Climate & Weather – Gozo

Weather in the Maltese islands is very strongly influenced by the sea, with a characteristic Mediterranean flavour – similar to that of southern Italy or southern Greece.  Summers are hot and dry, with winters cool and wet.  Average annual rainfall is 600 millimetres, most of which falls between October and March, with June, July and August usually quite dry.  Snow never falls in the islands, but it can get very windy at times – mostly from the north west.  There is, however plenty of winter sunshine, with daytime temperatures around 15 degrees centigrade or above, with around 5-6 hours of sunshine.  Summers are warm, dry and very sunny indeed – one will only rarely see rain between April and August.  July and August are the hottest months with temperatures often above 36 degrees C, with over twelve hours per day sunshine in July.  Humidity can be high during the summer months, but there is usually a cooling sea breeze to be had.

Month Highest Recorded temps Daily Average Temperature in degrees C Lowest Recorded temps Average Rainy Days per Month Average daily sunshine hours
High Low
January 22.2 16.3 10.1 3.9 11.2 5.5
February 22.7 16.3 9.8 2.6 9.6 6.4
March 33.5 18.0 11.2 4.8 6.6 7.3
April 29.4 20.2 12.9 6.5 5.3 8.5
May 34.5 24.5 16.3 10.5 2.4 10.0
June 39.8 28.7 20.1 14.8 0.9 11.2
July 43.1 31.5 22.5 17.4 0.2 12.2
August 43.0 32.0 23.4 18.0 0.9 11.4
September 39.2 28.9 21.5 16.2 4.9 9.0
October 33.5 25.5 18.5 11.3 6.1 7.2
November 28.9 21.3 14.9 5.7 9.7 6.5
December 24.6 17.6 11.5 3.8 14.1 5.2

Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Sannat Gozo

The Country Inn is a traditional Gozitan Farmhouse that has recently been converted to a 7-bedroom house. Tucked away in a private cul-de-sac on the outskirts of Sannat village, this gem has been renovated to an even higher standard. Every bedroom is tastefully furnished with its own private ensuite shower room.

The Country Inn has a private south-facing pool which offers hours of enjoyment. The house is also situated in the countryside area just a few minutes’ walk away from ta’ Cenc and Sanap cliffs making for marvellous walks.

In terms of accessibility, it is situated just 1 km from the town centre of Sannat and 3 km from Victoria, the capital city of Gozo. The latter can be reached via the bus stop found just a minute’s walk away from the Inn. The closest seaside area is Xlendi bay, which is about 2 km away.

When renting a room, you can either select a bedroom with a double bed or twin beds. Every room has its own private shower room, air-conditioning, flat-screen television, satellite reception, Wi-Fi and wired internet for fast internet connection.

A self-serve complimentary breakfast is provided.